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Rules for Unrated Mods

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Rules for Unrated Mods Empty Rules for Unrated Mods

Post by UnRaTeD xD on August 4th 2010, 2:35 pm

Site Rules Updated 9/18/2010

1.A Spamming

Spamming Is not Allowed Here At Unrated Mods

  • Spamming can be ranged from posting unneeded materials in the forums all the way to the chatbox.

  • Example Of Unneeded Material;
    lol kewl
    This is considered Spam and is not allowed here.
    It is Dumb And A Waste OF EVERYONES Time.

  • Example Of A Good Post;
    Good Post Maybe Add The Download Links?
    This is appreciated and much needed here.

1.B Be Respectful

  • We were all new users once, this means that each person who is new deserves kindness and respect from fellow members when they are asking a question that may be clear to more experienced users.

  • Replying to such posts should be clear and helpful, if they are not then you are breaking the rules.

  • This also includes users that may be registered to rival sites, if they are being respectful then you are also required too.

1.C Posting

  • Posting, like on most sites is greatly encouraged. We at Unrated Mods are not looking for the quantity of posts but the quality.
    These posting rules include the forums as well as the chatbox.

  • Posts are ONLY allowed to be in the English Language.

  • Posts are encouraged to be made in proper English, this does not mean "I rlly leik tis psot".

  • Posting Inappropriate Content is a SERIOUS offense to the users of this site.

  • Inappropriate content includes *But Is Not Limited Too*
    Offensive Language,

2.A Selling

  • Users are not allowed to advertise or post anything about selling merchandise unless they are FULLY VERIFIED BY AN ADMIN.

  • To become verified please contact an Admin with the power to do so.

  • Currently this includes Unrated xD and Gawly.

  • You are not allowed to sell jtags unless you are a trusted seller, and being verified does not mean that you are trusted.

  • If you are found scamming with avid proof you will be punished to the HIGHEST EXTENT.

  • Selling accounts of any type is not allowed

2.B Modded Lobbies

  • You cannot host any type of a paid lobby before being verified by a staff member, once verified you are free to host paid lobbies.

  • Verification will not be given from viewing a simple video, a staff member must me IN your lobby.

  • You may SUGGEST charging a donation for your free lobby.

  • Free lobbies must me a JOIN SESSION IN PROGRESS.

  • Stickies are 20$ a week, please pm an Admin for more information.

  • Their is no set price here at Unrated Mods but their are suggestions of 10 dollars for everything and 5 for infections.

Complaining & Flaming

  • Please do understand that moderators and other site staff reserve the right to edit, move and delete posts.

  • With this said, understand that any posts that were closed or deleted from the site were done so for a reason.

  • Any open complaining about such topics will receive punishment and also will be closed.

  • Rants about other members are also not allowed an will be closed.

  • If a post was closed and you believe it was following the rules please pm a a moderator.


  • Failure to comply with the rules posted above will be rewarded with a punishment posted below.

  • Your punishments are BUT NOT LIMITED TOO,

    Site suspension
    Site ban
    Certain privileges revoked, such as Avatars, Posting and Viewing certain sections etc.
    IP Ban from URM
    Loss of Badge

  • If their are any questions or concerns pleas contact an Admin or moderator.

skype- ridgee123

Thank You

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