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How to Jailbreak an iPod Touch

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How to Jailbreak an iPod Touch

Post by Mononegavirales on August 18th 2010, 2:19 pm


Things you will need to install.

1.BlackRa1n/BlackWeather: http://blackra1n.com/ Save to desktop.


1.Plug you're iphone/ipod touch into the computer via iPod cable.

2.Open up blackra1n,click "Make it Ra1n" Will make another step for vista/windows 7 users.

3.Boot up you're iPod.

4.Scroll through you're apps until you find the application "BlackRa1n"

5.Click it and make sure to download "Cydia","Winterboard" and "Rock" You can use Cydia,but I prefer Rock. Considering this is you're first time Jailbreaking you're iPod touch/iphone Cydia and Rock will take awhile to update/load,so don't panic.

6. Once Cydia or Rock loads,rowse them to find things you want,there are plenty of guides on YouTube explaining on how to do what,such as getting free apps,or changing the theme of the iPod,or if you would like request a tutorial and I can see what I can do.


-Blackra1n won't load on my computer? What do I do? Well for XP users if BlackRa1n doesn't load that means you do not have .NET FrameWork,which can be installed off of the windows website. For Vista and Windows 7 Users,simply click the start button go to,Computer>Search Bar>Type Program Files>Common Files>Apple>Apple
Application Support. Once you've done that go to you're desktop and drag BlackRa1n.exe into the folder,the reason you have to do this is because ASL.dll is missing,so once you've dragged BlackRa1n in there it should load fine.

-Cydia keeps crashing? Honestly in my opion,use Rock Cydia is very laggy at times and sometimes won't even load properly on any device! Rock never crashes and it %100 trusted.

-My iPod's battery died and when I turn it back on it tells me to plug it into my computer,what do I do? Well when you jailbreak an iPod Touch/iPhone 3.1.2 or above it is a Tethered Jailbreak,which means in order to boot up you're iPod again you will need to connect it to you're computer and re-jailbreak it. Untetherd is the exact oppisite and you can just turn it on,but there is no software released for these versions in order to be Untetherd. But correct me if i'm wrong.

-iPod freezes during videos/videos don't appear on YouTube,Safari crashes? The best way to fix this is try finding another broswer. There is an app called DL well short for "Download Manager" you can get the lite version off the appstore. DML (download manager lite) doesn't crash or experience lag. Also you can download MxTube off of Rock or Cydia,if you want to watch videos without lag and long buffers.

-Any other problems,or if I didn't mention something,feel free to contact me on the website via private message,or you can reply,i'll be sure to help everyone,GOOD LUCK JAILBREAKING!

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