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Recover a stolen XBL Account

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Recover a stolen XBL Account

Post by Dr Phil on July 31st 2010, 4:51 pm

What is the point of me creating this tutorial?
So I don't have to deal with all the threads stating, MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN STOLEN f***ING BAN THIS PERSON?
What does doing this achieve for you?
You get your account back. The person who stole the account may get console banned.

1. You will have to call:
2.You will hear this annoying A** robot chick who you want to punch in the face everytime you hear here.
3.After she explains everything she will give you options on what you want to choose.
4.You choose technical support, or just hit 2 (quicker).
5.Then after this you hit Live, or just hit 2 again.
6.She will ask what Xbox you have hit 2 again.
7.She will then be like Xbox 360, and you can't quickly hit the number again, give her a little bit, around 4-5 seconds to tell you that the console you have is Xbox 360.
8.She will then say what you want help with, tell her 4, or Gamertag Recovery.
9.She will be like oh I can help you with this, and list off annoying steps you can skip by saying next, or just hit 1 through all 5 of the steps.
10.She will then be like that is all I can help you with, and you just wait for her to stop telling you about how she is done with her steps, and then hit 0, for assistance from a real person.
11.You will then have to wait on hold, until someone picks up.
12.After they pick up say, well recently my gamertag has been stolen, and I would like to recover it.
13.They will ask for your first and last name, give them the old one on the account, and then they will ask for the gamertag in question give them the gamertag that the person took from you.
14.They will then ask for account information, and your console id, and serial number (id can only be grabbed in the guide itself not on the console).
15.They will then ask what happens when you try to sign in, tell them it says it was recovered on a different console.
16.They will then ask what happens when you try to recover, tell them it says invalid email or password.
17.They will be like alright, do you know how your account got stolen? Tell them the real reason why it got stolen, or just make up some story that the person use to be friends with you, and now you aren't friend, and they stole the account because they knew my email and password.
18.They will then escalate you to a specialist, who will then ask you for your information again.
19.Just give them the info again, and give them your contact email (one different from whats on the account) give them your real phone number, so they can call you and confirm your email.
20.They will give you a reference number to call back, and they will lock the account in 48 hours after the investigation team receives the request for a gamertag investigation.
21.All the s*** the person spent on the account will be refunded, if the gamertag changes they will give you 1600 MSPS inorder to change it back.
22.Just follow the steps in the email they sent you to recover the tag it isn't hard, plus you will get the persons email who stole it in the first place .
Dr Phil

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Re: Recover a stolen XBL Account

Post by Satanic on August 18th 2010, 12:53 am

Moved to xbox 360 closed
Stolen from southmods or a variety of other websites.
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Come Here Often?

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