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Black Ops

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Black Ops

Post by Satanic on August 21st 2010, 12:35 pm

Black Ops
November 9th 2010

This game has had speculation around it ever since it was first announced on the release. Of course we as hardcore gamers and modders need to know the absolute truth and lies around these speculations and what we can expect from the game.

So, this is what we absolutely know so far about the game.

  • The Release Date: November 9th 2010
  • The storyline based around the game: Vietnam soldiers are put behind enemy lines in a black ops (Elite) squad. Pushing their way through objectives in as much silence as they can conjure.
  • Weapons: These are confirmed 100% and their will be more
    Assault Rifles:


    Other weapons that I cannot find images of
    Sub Machine Guns:

    MAC 10

    Mini Uzi

    Light Machine Guns:






  • We know The Playable Characters

    Hudson – Playable Character
    Mason – Playable Character
    Thomas – Playable Character (as the pilot of the SR-71 Blackbird in WMD)
    Frank Woods (The character with the bandana, seen in the trailers)
    Sgt. Reznov (previously seen in World at War)

  • Some Sweet Game Play Features
    Game play:

    Callsigns – it appears that you can customize your callsigns, possibly through an in-game editor. Many of the callsigns in the Multiplayer Teaser seemed custom made.

    Weapons – many signs lead to belief of weapons customization. Guns can be seen in the MP teaser with clan tags etched into them, smiley face decals on them and with red-dot sights with a smiley face where the red dot would normally be.

    Sprint to Prone Dive – players may now transition from sprinting to laying prone via a dive, rather than crouching and then laying prone.

    Updated HUD – no graphic for ammunition left in weapon, rather a number displayed – compass included – equipment in use highlighted in green? – mini-map divided into cells i.e. d3, d4, c3, c4.

    Film mode – players will be able to record / edit and combine clips into films. Exact details are not available yet.
    Red-Dot Sight

    Flash Suppressor

    Bipod (may or may not be functionable)

    Adjustable sniper rifle scope

    Akimbo (?) – it appears that during the Prestige Edition trailer a player is using two handguns or sub-machine guns, one in each hand.

    3 kills – RC-XD – Controllable remote control car bomb

    4 kills – Care Package – Unsure of contents, dropped by Chinook chopper

    5 kills – Archangel – unsure of details

    Airstrike – either prototype Harriers or possibly the A1-Skyraider or the A4-Skyhawk, two popular fighter jets during the era, both by Douglas Aircraft Co

    Napalm drop

    The icon from World at War for an Artillery strike is visible on the minimap during the Multiplayer Teaser

    An unknown bomb/missile seen in HUD during Multiplayer Teaser

  • We know that they have announced the limited edition prestige edition.
    You will receive an Rc car and they have also confirmed bringing nazi zombies back for the prestige edition. It has not been announced weather or not they will have it in the normal edition but they have said that their will be something similar, we can only wait to find out.

  • We know that the game is backed by Treyarch, the same creators of Cod 5.

  • Now this is all confirmed information regarding this game. I am always open to more and new updates. Either pm me or post them here, I will work them in and give you full credit if I do not fin it somewhere else.


I received alot of my information from the web and dfrom a website called, codblackopsnews. I give them partial credit to this post, the setup of this is all mine. Thanks.

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Come Here Often?

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Re: Black Ops

Post by Mononegavirales on August 21st 2010, 1:57 pm

Beat me :P

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Re: Black Ops

Post by tracimac3 on August 25th 2010, 4:16 pm

Archangel is like the predator missle but it can be guided throughout the map (like the nikita in the mgs series.) its like a controllable heat-seeking rocket.
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Getting the hang of things

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Re: Black Ops

Post by Sponsored content

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